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C. C. Courtney was born in north Louisiana, in the triangle known as ArkLaTex because it is right in the intersection of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. He never stayed there much. When he was five, his parents divorced and he spent his childhood constantly moving around with his little brother.He considers himself to be from New Orleans which he still loves beyond measure. When he was only 8 he started preaching at churches in the South. He left home and entered college at the age of 15, receiving a degree in Economics. He stopped preaching at 16.
CC had started working in radio and TV when he was 14 and went at it full-time at age 16, working all over the US. There was no internet then and rock radio was the way most people under 30 communicated. If you had a message for somebody, you requested a song that said that and had the jock dedicate it to that person or persons.

CC returned to New Orleans for a legendary stint where he not only dominated the airwaves but had his own rock band and appeared on stage with most music stars of  the day, including the Beatles. In fact, Bob Walker’s history of N. O. Radio says CC is the most popular personality in the history of New Orleans radio.
It all came to an end when CC’s younger brother was killed in an accident at a radio station in North Carolina. CC kept on for a while longer but soon just had to quit radio and get out of town. He had always had an interest in acting and wondered how to make it in that field. By chance, he met the famous actor Steve McQueen who asked CC to show him N.O. They spent a fabulous night catching all the great musical acts in the city. Around 4am they went for breakfast and CC asked Steve what he should do if he wanted to be an actor. Steve told him to go to New York to study acting with  Sanford Meisner at The Neighborhood Playhouse, at that time the best acting school in the country. 

After surprisingly getting accepted by Sanford Meisner and completing the 2 year program, CC landed a principal role on an NBC soap opera, The Doctors. In less than a year on that show CC's  role was an immense hit. He got roles on NYPD (Special Guest Star) and several other series popular at the time.

At this time CC got into writing and had several shows produced in New York, best known being a rock musical, Salvation, the biggest off-Broadway hit of the year and from which there was a song, “Why Can't I Touch You”, that reached the top-40 on the charts. You can hear this song by the original artist, Ronnie Dyson and several cover versions on Spotify and other music services. Later CC co-wrote  Earl of Ruston,  which ran on Broadway. (Not a hit because I was young and stupid—I shouldn’t have let them put it on Broadway as they don’t like country music in any form there. “Earl” was a sound similar to The Eagles who entered the scene about the same time.

Sanford Meisner called CC and told him he should be an acting teacher. CC thought of the saying “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Mr. Meisner laughed and said CC should come to his class where he would teach him how to be an acting teacher. CC did that.

Suddenly, in the midst of all this success CC bought into the back-to-the-land movement of the day. He quit The Doctors, got married, moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains and had two children, a son Kat and a daughter Silver, whom he delivered.
Then he suddenly moved again, this time to Carmel, CA where he published and edited a very popular radio trade magazine. CC received 21 gold records for his work in the music business.

His marriage ended. Wanting to fill some holes in his knowledge, CC went back to school and received two Master of Fine Arts degrees, one in Directing under Barry Kyle, of the Royal Shakespeare Company. CC wrote several more plays, which have been produced at universities, by regional theater, and in various commercial venues.
Over the years, CC has continued to act, doing many plays from regional theatre to off-Broadway. He also acted in films, working with such famous directors as Louis Malle and Steven Soderbergh. He also did independent films.

Alongside his acting and writing career, CC has directed plays from university theatre
to Broadway. For 30 years, CC has taught acting in private classes, at universities 
and for 8 years, at the Neighborhood Playhouse. It was there that CC realized that teaching was his greatest gift.

Then CC met an opportunity. Mallorca Film Academy (MFA) offered him the chance to establish an acting conservatory—an artist’s colony in an amazing ancient, yet modern, district in the heart of Palma de Mallorca on a beautiful Spanish island in the Mediterranean. CC designed for MFA a 2 year conservatory curriculum. They were pleased with it and decided to move a scaled down version to their home country, Germany. CC didn’t want to live in Germany so once again he moved on. 

He got married again and has spent many wonderful years with his wife Helen. He has moved back to the mountains. From his front porch you can see the Great Smokeys. From his back deck you can see The Blue Ridge Mountains. He is writing—songs, short stories and a memoir. But next to raising his children, CC considers teaching to be the most important thing he’s ever done.



David Krasner

Former Director of Undergraduate

Theater Studies

Yale School of Drama

In my view, C. C. Courtney is the finest teacher of the Meisner Technique teaching today, both from a creative and an intellectual standpoint.There are many, many third and fourth generation Meisner teachers.Their understanding of the Meisner Technique is, however, often trite and superficial. Few have taken the trouble to comprehend Meisner's system with the same depth and erudition as Mr. Courtney, the absolute living authority on the subject.

*For the definitive study on the current state of Stanislavski based acting, read David Krasner's Method Acting Reconsidered

Richard Pinter

Former Head of Acting

Neighborhood Playhouse

School of the Theatre

Not since Sanford Meisner himself have we had a finer acting teacher than C. C. Courtney. Being a Meisner teacher is a very difficult thing to do. CC has immersed himself in teaching acting for over 30 years. He is now one of the best in the world. CC has excellent rapport with his students and the results have been outstanding.Many of his students have gone on to successful careers - - - stage, TV, and film. I give him my unqualified highest recommendation

Hal Baldridge

Former Executive Director

Neighborhood Playhouse

School of the Theatre

C. C. Courtney is a world class expert in teaching the Meisner Technique. A highly gifted educator, writer, director and performer

Gresdna Doty

Former Head of the Department of Theatre

Louisiana State University

Besides being an outstanding teacher of acting C. C. Courtney has unusually strong credentials as a composer, playwright and director. His keen intelligence combined with imagination and experience make him most unusual
His knowledge is deep and broad. CC is courteous, self-confident but never overbearing. He is a very nice human being.

Barry Kyle

Former Director at

The Royal Shakespeare Company

C. C. Courtney is an artist and teacher of many talents
A director with a strong personal vision and outstanding results
He is a Meisner authority, capable of producing major development in actors
Particularly significant is a strong rapport with young actors
        They trust him, like him, and work for him
Combining a strong grip of popular culture with an authoritative grasp of new technology, 
C. C. has many supplements to his biggest strengths—his originality, passion and wisdom
    He is brilliant



Alisha Frank

My experience with CC molded my understanding of acting
        He taught with such compassion 
    with such comprehension of the Meisner technique
I can now look into myself 
    using not only the Meisner technique 
        but also the words of wisdom from C. C. Courtney

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Amos Crawley 2.jpg

Amos Crawley

As a teacher, CC walked a very difficult line

               with great success: he was at once utterly supportive 
and totally uncompromising in his expectations. 
Part of every truthful moment I have 

       on stage or screen belongs to him

Andreas Wolfram

C.C.Courtney als Schauspiellehrer ist ein Muss!
Wenn Du Deine Instinkte und Deinen Sinn 
        für Spiel wiederentdecken 
und Ungezwungenheit auf der Bühne
        und vor der Kamera 
erleben möchtest solltest Du aufhören Deine 
    Zeit zu verschwenden 
        C.C.´s Klasse aufsuchen!

Andreas Wolfram.jpg
Daniel Tirado.jpg

Daniel Tirado

In the year of 2001, I had the very fortunate opportunity
    to study acting under C. C. Courtney in NYC 
Being in CC’s classroom is like riding a roller coaster
It’s an exhilarating rush ~~~ you discover your full range
    your personal highs and lows
Unlike teachers who cradle students through the process
CC gives you the incredible freedom to make mistakes 
    and those are beautiful moments 
    because any of your preconceived ideas 
    that may lead to bad acting ~~~ are shattered 
Then with love, sensitivity and tact, he will help you build anew
    Planting a seed of truth in your heart,
        CC will enable you to blossom 
not only as an artist but also as a human being

Adair Moran

The training I got in studying with CC Courtney 
was wonderfully personalized. 
He has the unique ability to tailor his teaching 
to suit each individual student 
and bring out the very best in them. 
His classes were always entertaining

Adair Moran.jpg
Adam Waxman.jpg

Adam Waxman

My experience being directed by C. C. Courtney 
        was integral to my development as an actor 
Initially I was resistant, self conscious, and even critical
    but once I committed myself to the process 
        to thinking outside the box 
I quickly realized what a prize opportunity CC had given us 
    to stretch as actors and create wonderful characters 
Through CC's direction I was reminded how much fun it can be
        C. C. Courtney was refreshingly unique 
I will never forget the freedom I found in my experience with CC
    and I will keep that with me in my acting always

Ashlie Atkinson

CC is the most insightful, intuitive, experienced teacher
I still go back to my notes from his on-camera classes 
    every time I get a television or film job. 
    He has a gift for communicating with his students 
With real knowledge of the business 
and what is expected from a professional actor. 
However, he also pushes his students 
to go outside their comfort zone in search of the truth. 
CC was the best preparation I could have had 
for what I hope will be a lifelong career. 
I am so grateful that I had him as a teacher.

Ashlie Atkinson 2.jpg
Avery Pearson 2.jpg

Avery Pearson

There is only so much an actor can understand about their abilities 
    without a loving heart and soul like C. C. Courtney behind them  CC is a Master teacher of honest, truthful acting 
He invites you to find the truth of the moment 
    in his own very specific CC style  
He is engrossing; you will hang on his every word 
as you learn what it means to be dedicated to the craft of acting  
C. C. Courtney is dynamic, dedicated; his incredible life experience 
    will open your eyes to what you never knew possible


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"An ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words"

Sanford Meisner


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